Harris County Criminal Justice Center Courthouse Houston Texas 1201 Franklin St CJC
NOTICE: On December 31, 2020, the Texas Office of Court Administration (OCA) updated its guidance for the conduct of in-person proceedings in all Texas courts in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Based on OCA’s latest guidance, in-person court proceedings are limited beginning January 11, 2021. Parties are encouraged to contact their assigned courts for further instruction. In any event, do not miss your court appearance.

Staff Directory

Telephone: (832) 927-3100
Fax: (832) 927-3120

Rachel Ferrel
Court Coordinator
(832) 927-3100

Martha Loyes Vasquez
Lead Court Clerk
(832) 927-3100

Rene Reyes
(832) 927-3100

Corina Nolasco
Court Reporter
(832) 927-3100

Assistant Court Clerk
(832) 927-3100

Bernard Kuzminski
Process Server
(832) 927-3100

John Jack
Court Liaison Officer (Probation Dept.)
(832) 927-3100

Court 1 Appearance Policy
  1. Judge takes the bench at 9am and commences Zoom.
  2. Defendants are to appear in person for arraignment settings and any setting thereafter unless they have hired an attorney or have had an attorney appointed to them by the Court. Attorneys are required to appear on their client’s behalf.
  3. Defendant’s appearances are waived unless there is a plea, trial, a hearing which requires the defendant’s appearance, or the defendant’s appearance has been required by the Judge to address bond conditions or bond violations.
  4. Attorneys can appear in person or via Zoom.
  5. Zoom appearances are encouraged for anyone that may feel they have been exposed to Covid-19 or are feeling any symptoms of Covid-19.