Office of Court Management Overview

The Office of Court Management exists to provide leadership, guidance, and numerous associated support functions to the courts it serves. It exists in partnership with the judiciary to exercise leadership among other justice-related agencies in order to develop strategies that join the interests of justice system partners, other branches of government, and the citizens of Harris County. The Office of Court Management strives to continuously improve collaboration and communication within the Harris County justice community by building partnerships, seeking community input, and persistently working together to ensure Harris County exists as a leader in the administration of justice.

The Office of Court Management serves in support of the 16 County Criminal Courts at Law, 4 County Civil Courts at Law, 16 Harris County Justice Courts, the Probable Cause Hearing Court, and a central administrative support team, carrying out the following functions;

  • Administrative support
  • Staff Attorney / legal support
  • Information Technology / infrastructure and multi-tier help desk support
  • Information Technology / reporting, business intelligence, research, and application development
  • Infrastructure Services / liaison for service-providing support
  • Human Resources and Payroll coordination
  • Training support for effective court/case management

The Harris County Courts are served locally, however they and the Office of Court Management are committed to being an exemplary component to the American system of justice. Justice delayed is justice denied, and the Office of Court Management exists in pursuit of helping the Harris County courts and justice system serve the public by ensuring justice is fair, equitable, timely, and accessible to all.

Current Openings

Position: Criminal Law Hearing Officer
Closing Date: Open


The Criminal Law Hearing Officer serves as magistrate in the Harris County Probable Cause Court. This Court operates as a 24/7 operation located in the Harris County Joint Processing Center. Criminal Law Hearing Officers are independent judicial officers regarding the cases/defendants that appear before them. Criminal Law Hearing Officers take general direction from the Criminal Law Hearing Officer. Criminal Law Hearing Officers are appointed by the statutory Criminal Law Hearing Officer Committee.

Description, duties, and qualifications.
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