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Effective October 21, 2019, the following courts will relocate to the 9th floor of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center (1201 Franklin St.):

  • County Criminal Court at Law No. 5, Judge David M. Fleischer
  • County Criminal Court at Law No. 6, Judge Kelley Andrews
  • County Criminal Court at Law No. 7, Judge Andrew Wright
  • County Criminal Court at Law No. 8, Judge Franklin Bynum
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Court Directory

Judge Alex Salgado, Court 1

Judge Ronnisha Bowman, Court 2

Judge Erica Hughes, Court 3

Judge Shannon Baldwin, Court 4

Judge David M. Fleischer, Court 5

Judge Kelley Andrews, Court 6

Judge Andrew A. Wright, Court 7

Judge Franklin Bynum, Court 8

Judge Toria J. Finch, Court 9

Judge Lee Harper Wilson, Court 10

Judge Sedrick T. Walker, II, Court 11

Judge Genesis E. Draper, Court 12

Judge Raul Rodriguez, Court 13

Judge David L. Singer, Court 14

Judge Tonya Jones, Court 15

Judge Darrell Jordan, Court 16

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