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Venue and Jurisdiction

The Harris County Criminal Courts at Law have exclusive original jurisdiction of misdemeanors where the fine allowed exceeds $500 or confinement in the county jail does not exceed one year..

Decisions from the municipal and justice of the peace courts may be appealed to county criminal courts at law. The appeal takes the form of a completely new trial (trial de novo). Appeals from municipal courts of record are an exception, where the county court reviews only the written record from the trial. Original and appellate judgments of the county court may be appealed to the Court of Appeals, with certain limitations.

Court Directory

Judge Paula Goodhart, Court 1

Judge Bill Harmon, Court 2

Judge Natalie C. Fleming, Court 3

Judge John Clinton, Court 4

Judge Margaret Harris, Court 5

Judge Larry Standley, Court 6

Judge Pam Derbyshire, Court 7

Judge Jay Karahan, Court 8

Judge Analia Wilkerson, Court 9

Judge Dan Spjut, Court 10

Judge Diane Bull, Court 11

Judge Robin Brown, Court 12

Judge Don Smyth, Court 13

Judge Mike Fields, Court 14

Judge Jean Spradling, Court 15

Judge Darrell Jordan, Court 16

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