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Analia Wilkerson was born in Houston Texas on October 3, 1965.  She spent her first eight years in Caracas, Venezuela attending a Spanish speaking school.    She graduated from the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in 1982 at 16, The University of Houston with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice in 1985 at 19, and The University of Houston Law Center in 1988 at 22.   She was elected the youngest judge in the modern history of Harris County in 1994 at 29.

Judge Wilkerson has received her certification in criminal law from the Texas Center for the Judiciary and has had the honor to serve as Presiding Judge of the County Criminal Courts at Law.  She has served on various State Bar and Houston Bar Association committees including Chair of the Committee for Criminal Law and Procedure.

She is a choir member at Grace United Methodist Church where her family has attended for three generations.  She and her husband Darrell Nelms also attend Second Baptist where he is a Deacon and she is active in her Sunday School Class and sings in the choir.

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