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Instructions for Mediators

As you may know, our court case management system no longer provides for the mass-docketing function that was previously used to appoint mediators in pending cases. However, this Court believes that the vast majority of cases filed are appropriate for mediation. Accordingly, we have devised a new mediation notification plan in Court 4 to continue this worthwhile process.

If you are appointed as a mediator for a case in this court, you will receive a letter from this Court notifying you of which cases have been referred to you for mediation along with other instructions. Once you receive this letter, please contact the parties/attorneys at your earliest convenience, using the new Mediator Notification Letter form enclosed, to advise them of your appointment as their Mediator and to arrange a mutually convenient time for the parties to mediate their case with you.

Your notification to the parties of your appointment as Mediator will be the ONLY notification they receive. It is your responsibility to notify the parties of your appointment.

Once you have concluded the mediation in a cause, please complete and file with this court the Mediator Fee Report Form. If the parties refuse to mediate, please advise the court of this using the Refusal to Mediate Notification Form. You may also wish to notify the parties that the Mediation Instructions for Case Parties from this court are available for download on our website.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation and patience with this new mediation plan; we will try and refine it as we put it to use. In the meantime, thank you for all you do for Harris County Civil Court No. 4 and your commitment to the peaceable resolution of disputes.

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